The Legacy of the Brand

Two weekends ago on Saturday we freeze branded all of our replacement heifers for the upcoming year. This brand has always meant a lot to our family. It’s the one that we are built upon, but this year it meant even more. Back in 1988 when Layal and Donna decided to get into the cattle business they chose this brand and it has been on the left shoulder of all of the cattle we have strived to produce for many years.

As many of you may know, on March 30th we laid to rest the head of our operation here at Grund Beef Genetics, Layal or Papa as we all called him. He passed away on March 25th. Papa has always instilled upon all of his kids and grand kids the value of hard work, humility, and giving it your all. He and grandma went through some hard times to help us get to the point where we are at today and the brand represents it all. As our good friend Kyle Hemmert said, “Respect isn’t bought, it’s earned.” Papa worked hard to produce good quality cattle and absolutely LOVED what he did every single day. From the love of farming he’s instilled in Chisum and Jensen, to the cattle that he fed every day that we all enjoy being around, you can see his impact everywhere around our operation.

With this brand we will continue to pass on the legacy he has instilled upon every single one of us and make this L brand one he would be proud of.

We would like to thank the enormous outpouring of support, food, and labor during the past couple weeks.

Papa believed in the 4-H program and all that it has to offer in developing young people. A memorial fund has been set up in his memory to benefit Wallace County 4-H.

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